im back on track!
9:26 PM
hay after few days of waiting impatiently for my net to be fixed....ngayon ok na din talaga....salamat sa mga utility personnel ng smart...hahaha.....ang bait pa nila....nopw i can write na naman for my site.....0neweiz ang dami ko talaga site na gusto puntahan kasi ang dami magaling sumulat,most notably sila tin,blacksoul,utakgago,bam the great,sefree,tina,avvvyyy and i forgot the name nung isa.....bsta.....kaso i always forget to comment and write omething on the tagboard....hehehehe...pasenxa.......bsta i thoguht dota lang ako addict pati din pala sa blogging....naka releive kasi ng stress....hay...thanx kung sino man nag conceptualize ng blogging....

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favorite song lines
9:10 AM
ok these r just some of my favorite song lines,they have become important songs in my life:
-"i am beautiful,no matter what dey say,words can't bring me down"-beautiful christina aguilera
-"dey can say,anything dey want to say try to break me down but i will not allow,anyone to succeed hanging clouds over me"-can't take that away mariah carey
-"After all of the stealing and cheatingYou probably think that I hold resentment for youBut uh, oh no, you're wrong'Cause if it wasn't for all that you tried to doI wouldn't know, just how capable I am to pull throughSo I wanna say thank you"-fighter christina aguilera
-"It's not so easy loving meIt gets so complicatedAll the things you've gotta beEverything's changinBut you're the truthI'm amazed by all your patienceEverything I put you through"-save me from myself christina aguilera
-"Every night's getting longerAnd this fire is getting stronger, I'll swallow my pride and I'll be aliveDid you hear my callI surrender all"-i surrender celine dion
-"And how can I pretend that I don't knowWhat's going on?When every secondAnd every minuteAnother soul is gone"-stand up for love destiny's child
-"Cause these are the days worth livingThese are the years we're givenAnd these are the momentsThese are the timesLet's make the best out of our lives"-our lives the calling
-"Beyond the door there's peace I'm sure And I know there'll be no more tears in heaven... "-tears in heaven eric clapton
-"I know you think that I shouldn't still love youI'll tell you that But if I didn't say itWell, I'd still have felt it Where's the sense in that? "-white flag dido
-"I'm a bitch, I'm a teaseI'm a goddess on my kneesWhen you hurt, when you sufferI'm your angel undercoverI've been numb, I'm revivedCan't say I'm not aliveYou know I wouldn't want it any other way"- bitch meredith brooks
okay dis r just some of the song lines dat i like most...dey inspire me,dey express d real me and dey make me appreciate d beauty and grandeur of time i wud post more lines....okay from d lines iv posted which do u like most?????......let me know.....

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5:10 AM
dapat dis post was written kanina pa but because of my super hangover hndi ko na naisulat....hayyy.....kagabi after we had our game we rushed to bop's house in matina....he invited us for a drink kasi(not sure of the term).....along wid me r ced,andoi,red and paul....naligaw pa talaga kami because andoi wasn't sure of the place.....thanx na lang talaga dat celfons wer created....den after a walk we went to a convenience store to buy drinks....bop bought 2 long-neck emperador and andoi added a smaller emp...hehe....den yea we started d whole drinking first it was boring....may inumin wala na man pag-uusapan...i felt talaga dat nyt i was d only gurl...hehehehe...after several shots god i got drunk world is starting to rotate like hell na....den i started laffing out loud na....its d start of d hilariously dreadful event....after i really got super drunk d next events wer not clear to me na...until now wala ako maxado matandaan pa....basta all i know is dat dey wer laffing and i was rollin or something....den after dat i think umuwi na kami....wyl on d way waiting for taxi or something i remember i throw a stone at d gate of a certain house der....i even fell to a canal....den dey just let me walk and i dont know wat im thinkin dat time pero pumasok ako in a liblib na lugar na madilim....sabi pa ni ced dey wer looking for me kasi bgla lang daw ako nawala....after pumasok ako dun wala na ako matandaan....den i woke up realizin na im sleepin in d street pala...grabeh as in ang dami sand...pag gising ko i lost my slippers na...and ewan ko basta ang alam ko masakit ulo ko....tapos im n a dead-end street wid two huge houses...ang hirap i describe nang feeling wen i woke up....ginawa ko tumayo ako and nag-iisip nang kung ano-ano....den der wer dis gurls na naglalaro nang badminton...dey satred at me and i did d same thing at bugla silang tumakbo...mga paranoid....akala cguro nila baliw ako or something....xiempre i was muddy i was dirrty all over and wala ako tsinelas,naka paa lang ako and wala sa isip,nakatulog pa talaga sa lupa.....hahahahaha....after dat i walked and waited for a taxi...luckily der was a taxi heading dat way....wyl inside d taxi d driver kept on asking me wat happened to me daw and bakit wala ako slippers at ang dumi ko....he was laffing at me.....buti na lang i had 50 pesos left pa and d fare was 51...hahahahaha....pagdating ko sa bahay....tulog kaagad ako....den yun na yun...masakit talaga ulo ko wen i woke thought my aunt wud scold me pero it turned out na natwa lang sila sa kwento ko....hahahahayyyy...wat an experience.....
it was d worst of my drunk mode yet d most unforgettable....for the first time iv become a street drunkard...grabeh nakatulog na me in d street...hehehehe....i lost my slippers pa...hahahahaha....well no regrets....i was happy kasi i experienced how does it feel in situations like dat....hahahaha....

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happy birthday ppet
11:13 PM
hehehe...i said i wud not give any damn to him anymur but i just can't do it dat easy....but a single step can make a hundred...hehehe...didn't get dat....neweiz yesterday was his was ced hu told me...and if not for my vow to treat him neutral i wud have greeted him...neweiz its not dat important...but the truth is i really wanted to give him a gift...hehe...but dat of cors il never all fairness naman to him he bought an ice cream as a bday treat kagabi....hehe....favorite ko pa talaga flavor....plano ko talaga not to talk to him but since he approached me first den ok....after a while i realized dat it wud be childish if id do dat...basta i still enjoy talking to him...hmmm....ah i forgot nabasa pala nya ang last post ko was red hu let him read it.....d initial reaction???...none ...kasi i mean it naman....and its better dat he know....and wen we wer taking a walk to buy something for dinner i throwed a joke and told him dat he's assuming and he said "ako diay karon ang assuming"..hahaha...initial reaction again???....laffed,coz its funny.....we even played two games(dota)...well as usual he bugged me and nothing really has changed well except of cors na i dnt go to his sit and scratch him and u know my typical lambing style...hahay....its not really a big deal to me,i just want to post something...hehe....i treat him d same pa rin but not as intimate as before(char)...parang wala lang....basta dey r teasing me again pangit but it doesn't make a thing to me really....hehehe.....basta i still hate dat earl...hehe....
happy bday ppet..hehe...ur 18 legal ka na.....i still like you....but not dat much...hehehe....stupid....ewan ko ba ano nagustuhan ko sayo...hndi ka naman dat totoo lang mukha ka ngang premature alien baby....hehehehe....

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9:32 AM
hey guyssss...hindi na naman ako naka post because of smart's ka bwisitan....neweiz i had so much to tell sana kaso sa dami i cud not ryt dem ol here talaga.....bsta....ok why assuming s d title???...coz dat personally is me...ASSUMING.....dba iv been writing here bout ppet....he's my love subject dis past few weeks....pano ko ba ito sisimulan.....

ok...i like ppet...d reason why??is still not clear to me....bsta all i know is dat i like him....iv been telling him almost everyday dat i like him through really outspoken to wat i feel....i have even kissed him....and yea i am happy for dat,though it was not d romantic type(not expecting really)....and for quite some time i am thinkin dat he's a friend to me and dat he feel d same way too.....actually yesterday we even went out to eat wid avvy and ced at was fun i enjoyed it....after dat i really thought we've become friends...but things changed kanina,i realized dat i shud not feel dat he's a friend...never shud...i even think dat i shud not let myself fall deeper to the thought dat i like him...never....kasi wyl i was making lambing to him kanina(naturally im sweet,especially to my fwends),he asked me why im so much concerned of him and dat why am i so feeling close/fc to him...i of cors throwed a joke as a response...yea dat instant den i realized ok he's not worth lets just leave it like not suppose to feel dis way its too melodramatic but i really value friendship...i have dis attitude kasi na tinuturing ko kaagad kaibigan anyone who shares laughter wid me....but on the other hand i can easily let go of someone hu say dat he/she never felt d friendship im so happened dat he's one of dem....hayyy its a shame na napaka assuming ko.....and kanina pa dis friend of him called earl(i hate him to death) along wid him(ok na lang yung kaibigan nyang c dunkoy mas gusto ko pa yun,kahit ganun lang yun) kinocompare nila ako to someone(another gay friend of dem)..dey wer laffing kasi dey wer saying na mas maganda daw yung friend nila and dat me i look so pangit....mukha daw ako centaur(kalahating kabayo,kalahating tao) sport talaga....pero i just cant help but be annoyed kasi d way dey wer laffing and d way dey wer saying it parang nakakaloko talaga....oh well dats life...bullshit dem....grrrrr.......curse dem lalo na yang earl na yan....

neweiz yun na yun...bsta i wud not assume doesn't make any good....cguro im just reacting like dis kasi gutom ako but well may point naman talaga ako....bsta starting today i wud stop d illusion dat me and him r gonna b friends....bsta oi...d truth is i erased his number on my phone na..just a while ago....kasi u know i realized why wud i stick to someone hu treated me just an fc...madami naman pala akong friends and i have boys around me.....hehehehehe...yea i am a bitch and bitches shud be d one to play and not to be played.....hahahay....pacenxa wid my mali-mali.....hehehehehehe......

ennaff for now...stop assuming giovanne....hehehe....ur a bitch,ur young and free enjoy ur life...hehehe.......talaga yang love na yan oh...naman ang batang yun kasi malaki tama ko..gago talaga..,but its over...hahahahaha....

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save me from myself(jordan and christina)
9:29 AM

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save me from myself
9:21 AM
ok dis "save me from myself" is a song from christina aguilera's new album back to basics...wen i first heard d song it immediately made a mark to me....iim so addicted to d song...i mean yea not just a typical aguilera song,widout the malisma,the oohhh yeahhh and the belting and the ha....its plain,simple and her pure voice alone.....d lyrics was co written by her and it has a beautiful message....her voice shined wid dis song....but please i apologize if d video s somewhat so much of her....d vid is ms aguilera and her husband jordan bratman...its really good....please do enjoy watching it and im hopin for some comments...hehehehe.....

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7:45 AM
oh well nothing so special talaga...parang wala lang....except dat i was so annoyed wid one of ppet's friends...grrrr yung mataba na yun....ang pangit pa.....gosh he's freakin seloso ha....ppet's mine(assuming) .....neweiz wala lang talaga.....kung napansin nyo my blog s really deformed kasi i want to change it....kaya yan tuloy...ill fix it nalang.....

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6:04 AM
ok from d title itself inis...yea naiinis ako ryt now....because im super stupid to think dat one of the guyss dat i like d most wud be so nterested in chatting wid....ganito kasi yun....4 months ago while i was doin a little something n friendster i happen to open a certain section wer popular profiles r of d profiles der belong to a cute little half blooded korean(half filipino) from baguio because his add was written on his profile naman(as if he's inviting more friends)kaya i decided to invyt him but days passed i never received an was fine den for me...i understand....den below his friendster add is a ym again i invited him on my ym account and eventually he approved dat invitation....i was really expecting dat i wud have a chance to cahtt wid him....but things turned out d other way round....he's always online,i sent him greetings but i did not receive even a single reply...dat was fine to me naman we r not dat close....pero i was a little pissed by d fact dat he accepted my invitation and for wat???? dat he wud have hundreds of names on his list???for popularity concern....grrrrrrr.....god....den a while ago i greeted him good evening to my surprise he replied....we had a little chat....i brought the whole thing....but it seemed like he was yea not der....god....he's dull...wala talaga....i even said "looks like u have word crisis" just to make him feel dat i want a good conversation....wala lang..he just sent me a smiley....fuck the other world...anong i ended d chatting coz i realized it was up to nothing.....nakakainis was a shame....ggggrrrr....sana hindi nya sinabi dat he's n good mood and sana he didn't say yes na lang to my invitation for a chat kasi nakaka dissapoint.....hahay...nanggigigil ako talaga....gusto ko sya sapakin.....bakit may mga taong ganyan....kung ayaw nila eh di wag na lang sana sila mag yes....nakakabwisit....welll den i realized wyl writing dis na he's not d only chatter naman around so i wud just erase him on my list....he's not worth it.....for a bubbly person like me hu s so interested n making friends he's a crapp....boring xa.....che nya....

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7:26 AM
hhaaayyyy from the post title itself I AM DISTURBED....i mean in mentally disturbed...ewan ko ba lately,im becoming dull,dumb and stupid.....u will see me nakatunganga often,nag-iisip ng kung ano-ano,nakatingala sa langit....ewan parang ang daming laman ng utak ko pero hndi ko ma express in any always balisa.....dami kong nakakalimutan....ang dami kong naaalala from d past,palaging me dis wat dey call stress???....or am i gatting mentally ill????......bsta......ang sakit ng ulo ko sa kakaisip ng wla naman....sleep lang ba kailanan dito???or mental assistance????baka naman i just need some love???....hahahahahahay.......

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hayyy buhayyyy
3:25 AM
ok good afternoon world....hndi ako nakapagpost yesterday,right???....hmmm kasi pumunta ako home town.....neweiz wla lang.....bsta kakauwi ko pa lang.....ok....pagod ako slyt...but its not d point.....wala lng talaga ako maisip......haaayyyy nako kung napansin nyo i dnt use english dat much sa post na ito...ehhhh yun because mahirap mag english,especially kung hndi ka na maxado sanay....i used to be so good in english lalo na high school,kasi i belong to d first section and hindi sa pagmamayabang one of d brightest student din and president of d english club,so i speak english almost everyday(u know d pride) napansin ko d way i ryt now is different from before.....i cud say ang galing ko dati,my classmates used to pay me for a single poem i write for dem...i dnt know if im really getting dull or its just mere laziness(i dnt read books now,it contributed a lot sa english ko)??.....hahahahahay....bsta magtatagalog na lang ako in some part...ok...neweiz nanalo c pacman kanina...good for him....pero naawa ako kay morales ang cute pa naman nya....hehe....proud to be pinoy....welll hindi ko nagustuhan ang rendition ng lupang hinirang(very lausy,walang CLASS),yun pa naman inaabngan ko every boxing match ni mga fans ni sarah,well its an opinion....peace.....
enaff for now.....

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10:22 AM
So-What am i not s'pposed to have an opinion?Should i be quiet because i'm a woman?Call me a bitch (bitch) cause i speak what's on my mind Guess it's easier for you to swallow if i sat and smiledWhen a female fires back suddenly target don't know how to act So he does what any little boy would doMakin' up a few false rumors or twoThat for sure is not a man to meSlanderin' names for popularityIt's sad you only get your fame through controversyBut now it's time for me to come and give you more to sayChorus:This is for my girls all around the world Who have come across a man that don't respect your worthThinkin' all women should be seen, not heardSo what do we do girls?Shout louder,Letting them know we're gonna stand our ground (our ground)So lift your hands high and wave'em proud (wohoh)Take a deep breath and say it loud,Never can,never willCan't hold us downNobody can hold us down(us down)...Nobody can hold us down(us down)...Nobody can hold us down(hold us down)Never can never will...So what am i not supposed to say what i'm sayingAre you offended with the message i'm bringin' Call me whatever 'cause your words don't mean a thingCuz you ain't even a man enough to handle what i singIf you look back in history it's a common double standard of society The guy gets all the glory, the more he can scoreWhile the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whoreI don't understand why its OK,The guy can get away with it while any girl gets namedAll my ladies come together and make a changeStart a new beginning for us,everybody singChorusLil' Kim:Here's something I just can't understandIf the guy have three girls then he's a manHe can either give her some head, or sex her rawIf the girl do the same, then she's a whoreBut the table's about to turnI'll bet my fame on itCats take my ideas and put their name on itIt's aight though, you can't hold me downI got to keep on movin'To all my girls with a man who be tryin to mackDo it right back to him and let that be thatYou need to let him know that his game is whackAnd Lil' Kim and Christina Aguilera got your backYou're just a little boy,Think you're so cute,so coyYou must talk so big, to make up for smaller thingsYou're just a little boy All you'll do is annoy You must talk so big, to make up for smaller things,This is for my girls...Repeat Chorus X2Ahh Wahoo 7X ahhSpread the wordCan't hold us downYeh we hereWe Back againYeh Lil Kim and Christina AguileraYeh Can't hold us down!

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can't hold us down
10:14 AM

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for the girls
9:59 AM
you know since i was just a kid girls have always been special to me....dey r bestfriend to wonder y i turned to be girlish.....dey have been the main core of my life....dey have made d biggest nfluence n me....i act,i talk and behave like dem(some behaviors) dats y i can feel a girl's pain and sentiment....i can also feel how d soceity s being unfair to has always been my dream dat gurls shud be given ryts equal to man...i salute gurls hu rise above d soceity and show dem wat dey've got.....if only i cud make gurls as strong as man(physically so dt dey wnt be abused) like my mother...she has d grace of a woman but the toughness and will of a man.....i usually call my mom d amazona....

dis traits i wud want my bestfriends to graceful.....

so dis video i wud post is for all d gurls.....

to the fems and fems alike "NOBODY CAN HOLD US DOWN"

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6:55 PM
ok so i haven't posted anything again d day before yesterday,cause smart bro is such a shit....and nothing really special happened.....but yesterday was such a day.....i started d day badly cause of my roommate's(x friend,he's a crap,a moron,a no class person,an illiterate)girlfriend....she woke me up just to say dat she wants to get something from d room(my roommate's thing"he left it and he vacated to his gf's haus after d thing iv done").....grrrr...she's a a bullshit...very bullshit.....neweiz after dat,as usual i skipped lunch as well as breakfast of cors(ate a few crackers)....den i went to skul and eventually took my examinations....well i got lots of wasn't dat hard...cheat,cheat,cheat,cheat as always...den part of d daily routine i played dota(cindrew's net cafe)....because my former teacher was der and i got money,i decided to treat him for dinner at bb barbecue...neweiz he's a good friend.....after dat heavy dinner we stopped at a karaoke something and yun we sang a few songs for i think an hour....kahit its just d two of us,we really enjoyed d moment....after dat(we cud not find a jeepney for me)we decided to take a walk back to cindrew's and stopped der and play two games of dota.....after d game we eventually walked for a while to find a taxi for me...while we were walking(its around 1 am kanina) three drunk guys were standin at a corner of d street...dey wer talkin....den der was a lady hu happened to pass..u know wat d guyss did??...dey make bastos d lady ha and dey shouted at her....i really thought one of d guy was her boyfriend...hindi pala....trip lang pala nila yun....den we passed d same corner,one of d guys said"pare sila na lang oh(referring to me and my teacher)".....i was really nervous dat time...wat surprised me s d at one of d guys know wer i live...he said"pare yung isa na lang,yung taga compostela,yang naka blue(i was wearing blue dat time)"....d tension was starting to fill me(thinkin dat my teacher was a gay and not used in fighting).....because d guys wer shouting at us na,we started to run so teacher stopped for a while(dunno why)while im speeding every step of mine...wen i heard dat dey'll gonna do some thing(and after my teacher ran fast after he stopped),i was der running very very very dat moment as if my bluured sight had become so clear......grabeh my heart was like gonna explode....we parted ways(my teacher and i) widout saying good bye because i ran so fast in nowhere....good thing a friend of mine hu s a motorcycle driver(nightly business) passed by and saw me.....he took me for a ride home.....hahahahahahahahaha....i dnt know wat happened to my teacher....i know for xur he's ok.....even wen i was n d haus,my heart cud not stop beating so loud...hahahahahahahaha.....n d other hand it was hilarious.....hahahahahahaha...i cannot believe i ran dat fast.....hahahahahahaha.......

enough for now.....

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just wanna say hello
3:17 PM
hayyyy i haven't posted anything yesterday,right???...coz smart bro's number one problem happened na naman...nakatulog na lang talaga ako sa kaka wait....bwisit....well nothing special happened naman yesterday....just another ordinary day.....hay...kulang pa talaga ako sa tulog...i slept at round 2 am kanina,den woke up at round 6:30...bwisit cousin entered my room kanina and played a sound so loud....tinodo ang volume ng pc...grabeh...grrrrrrr......bwisit....tapos im really hungry pa talaga ngaun....grrrrrrr.......not really in good shape pa....maybe later ill be a bit ok....well at least its good dat after several weeks of skipping my breakfast,ngaun hindi na......wish me luck today.....

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a kiss
6:43 AM
today im so happy...grabeh...i wanna shout out loud....i woke up just fine,no tantrums,no heartaches...just fine.....i went to skul late na for my first period(wats new???hmmm none)......den i attended second period and never attended the rizal class.....we actually to tina's house and spend d rest of our time der singing,laughing,talking and watching my model-aspirant friend as he(a gay)posed for several shot(wearing dos very ugly make-up).....den after we finished eating our dinner(i suppose it is) we headed to cindrew's net cafe and as part of d daily routine we played dota(again wats new????hmmmm none).....hay...dis part here was d best.....we playe 2 games and yea we've won both...and i want to be humble so i wud just say im always third on d list....yea......though i was a little annoyed wid ppet(as usual he was bugging me during d game)....after d game we talked for a some chocos......i was actually complaining too how ppet just ignored me(he came late)......wen we wer bout to go(ppet stayed to play his autojam)cedric told me to kiss ppet.....i was a little hesitant but since iv been wanting to do it,so i got to his back(he was so into d game and did not notice me) and gave him a sweet,lusty wet kiss on his cheeks....hahahahahahaha.....i was really happy to see how surprised he dat time he was like a little child......hahahahahahaha.....he's tease paid fairness he's skin is really soft and was one memorable event.....i wish i cud do it more often.....hahahahaha......

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the prettiest hero in DOTA
10:08 AM

if u ask hu dis lady is...well she is Rylai Crestfall-the crystal maiden....she is d first hero in dota dat i learned to is from her name dat i got my blog address.....for me she is d prettiest and sexiest gurl n dota.....she is freakinly powerful...she is a mage-a spell caster....though she is sometimes really complicated......she rule over d power of ice....and yea she's wearin my favorite color....a goddess huh???.....

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its my sound
6:43 AM
since i was a little kid im into singing was my ninang hu brought me to d melodious world of music....sumasali pa nga ako sa mga singing contest noon....yea some of it iv won some hindi....kaya nga contest eh.....i dnt know but i think wen i was a kid my voice sounds really good,i can even reach super high notes(note:IM D ONLY BOY IN D SOPRANO CLASS) but wen i reached 12 my once angelic talent was den dat i stopped singin,i was so upset....but during d 1st year of high school i had dis rival named emar....dats wen i started to sing again....we often have showdown in our class...our classmates wud often compare us to britney spears(me) and christina aguilera(emar)...though its really degrading on my part,being d less talented bitch...cause dat time ders was d hottest rivalry...vocally im less talented its true....but i have d crowd wid me always because im more of a performer dan a singer(though i wud much like to be a singer)...after some time dat rivalry was put to nothin....den wen i reached 4th year high i got more inspired to sing...cause d people n d class even our choir teachers wud say i have d voice i just need a style.....everyday i always had my concert n d class especially during vacant periods....dey used to call me "the diva" was flattering on my part though i know it was only a big joke....den came college....d city has given me so much oppurtunity....i met people hu r musically bryt so i got myself more involved to music....i even auditioned for star in a million,star circle quest but did not get in....most basically because i dnt have d star factor.....den came davao idol.....yea at last i made it to the top ten finalists along wid my friends jesel(2nd to be eliminated),angie(consistent top scorer,until d fuckin finals' shit result) and pearl(third to be eliminated) was a knock-out system wer dey kicked someone's butt out every week....if it wasn't for lack of practice and memorization of d song i wud not hav been eliminated(im d forth to be eliminated)....but it was fine to me...because d others wer really good(including my high school rival emar,yea he joined too)...but wat kept me goin on after dat is wat mrs tagle said(one of d judges)"note:she said dis even wen i was still n d contest and after i was eliminated"...
=sa harap ng mga fellow contestant(the top 6)=
mrs tagle:giovanne u have a foreign sounding voice,its rare....kung kayong sampu ay kakanta nang sbay-sabay it is u hu wud stand out....
ako:thank u tita "flattered"
mrs tagle:sa wild card pagbutihin mo,cause u have a greater chance(which of cors turned out to be wrong*wrong choice of song**again lack of practice*)
i was inspired by that...even if i did not win im happy because atleast to be commented like dat by a musical genius sure is a big thing.....
just recently i joined auditioned for philippine idol fast track....i had d stage and owned it....dey wer all amazed by my performance and many had expected me to get in(which again did not happen because i dnt have d idol factor daw)....but during an interview after d audition an official of abc and rmn told me to audition again for d main(which i did not do because it was our examination dat time),because i myt have a bigger chance....and wat inspired me most is wen a group of boys and girls approached me and said"kuya ang galing mo,idol ka"....and a group of mothers said"oi dapat nakuha ka,kasi ang galing mo,performer ka talaga" and d dj's said"wow idol ka talaga,ang galing"....i mean dos words are priceless....i felt even for a day i was a star.....d judges even said to one of my fellow auditionee"galingan mo,gaya nang kay giovanne"...u see i was flattered....words could not express how i felt dat time.....
i know im a singer,no matter wat people say i wud pursue dis dream....and if dat dream wont come true atleast i have proven to everybody i can sing.....
for me its not important to be famous and to be rich, wat drives me most to sing is to see people happy and share my music and of cors to get lots of clothes and express how i feel and to own d leave a legacy n d prove to the whole world dat beauty is lesser dan talent.....dat singin is an art not a business....
it may sound melodramatic but its wat i feel...i may sound like im so proud yea i am....dis s my blog im free to type down anything i wanna say.....

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have yourself a merry little christmas
3:32 AM

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christmas is coming
3:25 AM
oh my christmas is n d air...may mga nag ka caroling na.....god i cnt wait for xmas...its my fav time of d year....sana marami ako gift na matanggap....pero as usual wala ako regalo na maibibigay...its not my thing to give gifts during bdays and xmas.....kasi halos everyday naman ako nagbibiogay so its just fair.....neweiz ill share a christmas song sung by no other dan ms xtina aguilera and mr brian mcknight....its my all time favorite....

note:if u hate malismatic singing den dis song s not for u....its going over d top of d board....

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sunday rest day
3:20 AM
hayyy naku for almost d whole day today wala ako gnawa aside from surfin d net....its sunday naman kasi....just relax,eat and no bath....hehe....basta...and i enjoyed listenin to good music and watchin others' blogs.....hehe....just so happy for d last nyt's victory....just made double ten kills from two diff games....etting better huh????.....

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9:13 PM
hello...hahay....ang sakit ng ulo ko...actually just got up from bed...kulang maxado tulog ko...i slept at round 4 n d morning na.....kasi umuwi ako 3 am na...we enjoyed d nyt playin as usual dota.....hehe....der was a strange thing na nangyari kanina.....i was thinking kasi of my friends and my family...den came n my mind a realization...i mean naisip ko suddenly,wat kind of person am i???....den a little later while i was eating my raisin,death suddenly came across my mind,basta its hard to picture out....den d next thing i knew, i was was heavy tears....i even had sipon after and my head was really heavy....this thing happened to me a couple of times na....and yea i always end up always happen especially wen im so happy during d day and d strange thing bout it is dat it always happen at 3 n d morning....hahay....

maybe one reason why i cry everytime dis thing comes to my mind is dat i dnt wanna has always been my dream to stay young and to be happy....i even dreamed of stoping time....kasi i wud really want to stick to wat i have now forever....which i know of cors is impossible....or maybe im afraid of death because i have so much to do pa.....hahay.....or maybe im just so contented wid my life and so in love wid d people around me dat i want dem to be wid me not a melodramatic person but wen it comes to d most vital elements of my life im really soft.....enough for now.....

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great day
4:44 AM happy today.....atleast i made 10 kills in dota.....well now i know dat im not really dat bad...i just need a little tea.....i know its kinda far out how a tea is related to dota but its none of ur also happy because my blog skin really looks fabby(thanx to my ever dear friend tina the IT gurl).....we actually just finished our game...we had two but i shud say d 2nd was d best......ahhhmmmm so far im really feeling so well.....ppt's smile makes my day...he's just too cute....he's like a little alien wid an angelic charm....hehehehehe joking aside......dunkoy d mongoloid boy is also here today(dey r actually here almost everyday heheheheh) and he's really funny(especially his face).....

hahay....enough for's game is great....avvy is good too...she made 14 kills....we ock....ppet rocks too....

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Nice sleep
11:19 PM
wow i had a nice sleep...kagigising ko lang....after 10 hours of sleep.......its great....i feel iv gained much of my energy....tapos before i slept pa i had a nice was really great.....tpos pag gising ko pa boses ni lani misalucha narinig ko,wow talaga.....

ha!here we go!...

gotta eat really starving.....

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Paris Hilton Bitch
7:45 AM
ok its one of my favorite videos nowadays....i mean its d fact dat its paris' video....god....i really like her...its not dat i like her singing its just dat i like her....i mean she's a bitch and yea of cors me too so u see birds of d same feather like each other(hmmmm maybe,i want to think so).....i like d wy she dress up and for me she's a symbol of glamour,youth and femininity(im not sure of dis word,but hu cares)....she has all dat im dreaming of....she looks good,she's famous,she's rich and she's fabulous.....many i know wud disagree(as if i care) but she makes something good out of a bitch.....

ok back to d video...its of good quality and yea nice story line(actually its almost like copied from d girl next door)....i know wat d boy n d vid feels so i can relate....just watch it.....

note:its bitchy,if u may find it a bit too gay den yea ur write....

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The Bitch
7:43 AM

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Lani Misalucha is d best
5:24 AM
oh wow ryt now im listenin to a cd...its a lani misalucha live concert wow wow hands down she is d best among all d divas here n d philippines(dis s my blog so im entitled wid a ryt to express wat i feel).....she mimicked some local divas and she did great.....her vocal prowess is unmatched,even d legendary regine velasquez is miles away from here.....her rendition of whitney houston's queen of d night gave me chills,she combined popular and operatic music....her heart warming performance of d classic bukas na lang kita mamahalin gave me goosebumps.....and she did a superb interpretation of d all time favorite u dnt have to say you love me.....she even sang wid her sisters(music really runs n her blood)......but what surprised me is her italian version of celine dion's my heart will go on(its playin while im typing),wow im havin fever......god its as if a very cold wind blew me......god how come she had so much talent......i wish i had her voice.....she's one hell of a diva....

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so tiring..
11:26 AM
ai nakakapagod talaga....for about 11 hours i played dota.....i even skipped my philippine history class as well as my dinner.....just finish eating na rin sa wakas(3 am).....its great to eat......neweiz after my last post i felt better and yea atleast today iv won four games......

but i was just a little pissed off wen ppet(my love,hahahahahha,crazy)teased me.....he keeps on bugging me everytime we play.....he's really matter wat, i still like him.....

for now im really sleepy.....just wanna drink my chocolate (watever u call it,i dnt know)and go to bed.....hmmm......zzzzzzzzzz........

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not in good shape
2:06 AM
hello really not n good shape today....i mean im really tired for the whole day.....dnt really know just feeling not even n d mood for dota(im n cindrew's cafe now).....iv never won a single game i decided to just write something here while listenin to xtina aguilera's christmas trying to get my senses back.....wish dis wud really dumb today....i just dnt feel any emotion.....even for ppet my alien lover....i used to be so excited wen i go here,now i dnt know......hahay.......

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what a great day
7:04 PM
ahhhh....what a great day....actually kakagising ko lng....after a nice sleep,iv gained much of my energy 4 d day.....its really great to have a blog.....u can write wat u fel widout d fear of objection......bsta......gotta eat muna......

see ya 'round.....

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Fairy tales come true..
10:12 AM
yea fairy tales do come true.....

me..yea its me as ms christina aguilera(thanx kath)

hayyy nako ang batang ligaw....alang magawa sa know sometimes disguise demselves like dis.....

i dnt need to come naturally....hahahaha...another work of art by kath(thanx)....

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Christina Aguilera
10:05 AM
oh my FYI im a big xtina aguilera dis video is her latest...its a nice song and unique in theme....she co directed dis vid.....its relly of the fresh tracks from her third englixh album "back to basics"...

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10:00 AM

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9:34 AM
wow i was really amazed wid dat performance from a little girl...she's actually a contestant in a local talent search(which of course turned out to be a face search,what a shame)but unfortunately didn't win.....wala lang i just wanna share how amazed i was wen i first saw dis clip....and isa pa now i know how to put vids on my blog.....enjoy it....

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9:32 AM

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back to blogging
8:38 AM
after my last post i thought i never be able to write down something here.....haayyyy iv been too busy playin dota and doin d flirty stuff.....beside im not really dat good in writing things....because im into speaking wats in my d blunt person.....i m just so happy dat im back here.....neweiz.....if u may notice i dnt have any vids or dat sort of things here well dats because i dnt really know how to put dos crazy stuff here...if ur good enaff den maybe a please wud do d thing......hehehehehe......ok.....wait got to entertain first dis old friend in my ym.....back n a while....ok.....

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