favorite song lines
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ok these r just some of my favorite song lines,they have become important songs in my life:
-"i am beautiful,no matter what dey say,words can't bring me down"-beautiful christina aguilera
-"dey can say,anything dey want to say try to break me down but i will not allow,anyone to succeed hanging clouds over me"-can't take that away mariah carey
-"After all of the stealing and cheatingYou probably think that I hold resentment for youBut uh, oh no, you're wrong'Cause if it wasn't for all that you tried to doI wouldn't know, just how capable I am to pull throughSo I wanna say thank you"-fighter christina aguilera
-"It's not so easy loving meIt gets so complicatedAll the things you've gotta beEverything's changinBut you're the truthI'm amazed by all your patienceEverything I put you through"-save me from myself christina aguilera
-"Every night's getting longerAnd this fire is getting stronger, I'll swallow my pride and I'll be aliveDid you hear my callI surrender all"-i surrender celine dion
-"And how can I pretend that I don't knowWhat's going on?When every secondAnd every minuteAnother soul is gone"-stand up for love destiny's child
-"Cause these are the days worth livingThese are the years we're givenAnd these are the momentsThese are the timesLet's make the best out of our lives"-our lives the calling
-"Beyond the door there's peace I'm sure And I know there'll be no more tears in heaven... "-tears in heaven eric clapton
-"I know you think that I shouldn't still love youI'll tell you that But if I didn't say itWell, I'd still have felt it Where's the sense in that? "-white flag dido
-"I'm a bitch, I'm a teaseI'm a goddess on my kneesWhen you hurt, when you sufferI'm your angel undercoverI've been numb, I'm revivedCan't say I'm not aliveYou know I wouldn't want it any other way"- bitch meredith brooks
okay dis r just some of the song lines dat i like most...dey inspire me,dey express d real me and dey make me appreciate d beauty and grandeur of life....next time i wud post more lines....okay from d lines iv posted which do u like most?????......let me know.....

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