Lani Misalucha is d best
5:24 AM
oh wow ryt now im listenin to a cd...its a lani misalucha live concert wow wow hands down she is d best among all d divas here n d philippines(dis s my blog so im entitled wid a ryt to express wat i feel).....she mimicked some local divas and she did great.....her vocal prowess is unmatched,even d legendary regine velasquez is miles away from here.....her rendition of whitney houston's queen of d night gave me chills,she combined popular and operatic music....her heart warming performance of d classic bukas na lang kita mamahalin gave me goosebumps.....and she did a superb interpretation of d all time favorite u dnt have to say you love me.....she even sang wid her sisters(music really runs n her blood)......but what surprised me is her italian version of celine dion's my heart will go on(its playin while im typing),wow im havin fever......god its as if a very cold wind blew me......god how come she had so much talent......i wish i had her voice.....she's one hell of a diva....

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