happy new year!i miss blogging!
4:58 AM
wow for weeks iv been out from the blogging world...and i miss dis world so much.....neweiz i thank those people hu remembered me.....thank you.....god i really thought vacation(christmas) wud be very boring....d truth is it turned out to be nice.....i was able to visit different local places....climb the mountains of compostela,swim the sea-with-giant-waves of caraga region and explore the wonders of saranggani province.....iv seen at last and witnessed the majestic and enchanting beauty of aliwagwag falls....the friendly aura of the famous aguacan resort....and the raging waves of the sea of bagangga...its a shame dat i dnt have a cam.....its my first to dive in d deep part of the sea,ride a banca and paddle(not sure of dis term) it as well.....i was able to see a living tuna.....my fright for deep waters was conquered....god now i wud say im getting good in swimming.....ohhhh i really wud like to tell you all d amazing things iv experienced last xmas vacation but i just cant express it by writing....basta i miss you all and dis world.....

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